An ISIS Fighter Wore a Headcam While in Battle — This Is What It Looked Like

Vice published Wednesday gripping footage from a camera attached to the head of an ISIS fighter who went to battle Kurds in Northern Iraq. 

The opposing forces, peshmerga — or the the traditional Kurdish troops — have been battling the Islamic State forces in an attempt to weed them out of parts of Iraq and Syria. 

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Source: Vice

The video shows a group of fighters firing bullets and rockets at the peshmerga from a vehicle that ultimately gets hit by a rocket in retaliation, leaving one of the ISIS members dead. 

Source: Vice

The fighter wearing the camera died in March, according to Vice. 

Source: Vice

As Vice also notes, the footage is incongruous with the terrorists group's propaganda, which usually glorifies war and paints the picture of a well-organized network. Instead the video reveals disorder and panicked fighters who are neither sufficiently prepared nor trained, struggling to properly use some of the weaponry at points. 

h/t Vice News