An ISIS Fighter Wore a Headcam While in Battle — This Is What It Looked Like


Vice published Wednesday gripping footage from a camera attached to the head of an ISIS fighter who went to battle Kurds in Northern Iraq. 

The opposing forces, peshmerga — or the the traditional Kurdish troops — have been battling the Islamic State forces in an attempt to weed them out of parts of Iraq and Syria. 

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The video shows a group of fighters firing bullets and rockets at the peshmerga from a vehicle that ultimately gets hit by a rocket in retaliation, leaving one of the ISIS members dead. 


The fighter wearing the camera died in March, according to Vice. 


As Vice also notes, the footage is incongruous with the terrorists group's propaganda, which usually glorifies war and paints the picture of a well-organized network. Instead the video reveals disorder and panicked fighters who are neither sufficiently prepared nor trained, struggling to properly use some of the weaponry at points. 

h/t Vice News