Science Says There Might be Hidden Dangers to Complaining


We get it — you hate your job, you're underpaid, your rent is too high and sometimes the only truly pleasurable thing you can do about it is complain to yourself and anyone else in earshot.

Science, however, says that day-to-day complaints may not be so good for us, and that too much whining might actually ...


I mean. It probably won't kill you today. 

But thanks to the natural wiring of the brain, every stressed out, whiny, totally cray moment you have makes it easier to have such moments in the future. You're also more likely to think of upsetting and unpleasant things at random since your brain becomes used to it.  


Because stress, complaining and being pissed off releases a nasty little hormone called cortisol, which can do a host of damage to your body over time. "When your brain is firing off these synapses of anger, you're weakening your immune system; you're raising your blood pressure, increasing your risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes, and a plethora of other negative ailments,"  Steven Parton, a contributor to Psyche Pedia, told Inc.


So have a nice day.