9 Images Capture the Anti-Capitalism May Day Protests You Didn't Hear About

Thousands of people gathered in Los Angeles, Seattle and several cities across the world on Sunday for May Day protests — and it got violent.

What the hell is May Day? 

For some, May Day is simply a celebration of spring. For others, it's a day to fight for workers rights.

It caused a global ruckus as people all over the world took to the streets. Their cause? Anti-capitalism. For over a century, people have participated in movement on the first day of May. 

What was the scene?

Take a look at the uproar that ensued on May 1 this year:

Swipe left to see the action.

Why May 1? 

May Day has coincided with International Worker's Day since the 1880s. The date commemorates Chicago's Haymarket Affair, which happened on May 4, 1886, when someone erupted a bomb at a "peaceful" labor protest and police wound up killing four people.

All images credited to Reuters, Getty and the AP.