This Woman Got Revenge on a Man Who Filmed Women in Dressing Rooms


Candice Spivey was picking out a new bathing suit in her local Target when, she said, a man approached her and began talking to her, asking for help picking out a dress for his wife. 

But — according to the Yulee, Florida, resident's Facebook post — this was the same man who approached her two years ago at a supermarket, using the same intro and escalating to comments about Spivey's body.

Spivey wrote that time, based on "the way he was holding his phone," the man was secretly filming her. So this time she focused her camera on him.

"Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?" Spivey asks in the video she posted on Facebook on Wednesday. That's when the man turns and starts running; Spivey yells after him as she chases him into the parking lot.

The man, identified as 31-year-old Jeffery Polizzi, was later charged with reckless driving, "after he allegedly fled the scene," ABC News reported on Monday. It turned out Polizzi had a prior conviction for "taking photographs of women in dressing rooms."

After Spivey posted the video of her confrontation with Polizzi on Facebook, it was shared more than 25,000 times, and "dozens" of other women commented to say they had had similar encounters with Polizzi, ABC reported.

"This guy is a huge creep and he's only being charged with reckless driving," Spivey wrote on Facebook. "[I'm] not concerned about charges, I mean I am but I'm more concerned with his face getting out there and him being stopped. He has approached minors as well, and there's no telling how he could easily manipulate a young mind and how far he could take the situation."

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