9 Absolutely Epic Teachers Who Completely Rocked Their Students' Worlds


Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day — a day to celebrate and honor those dedicated individuals to whom we owe (at least some of) our character and success.

Sure, they introduced us to the ennui of Holden in Catcher in the Rye. Yes, they taught us how to solve for X and read the periodic table. 

But let's be real. The most important lessons didn't come from text books. They were about building our character and trusting our creative spirit. 

Here are nine times when teachers acted as true role models, turning the world a classroom we can all learn from.

The best teachers don't just talk the talk. They show what's right, and lead by example. 

They listen to their students hopes and dreams ... and then make them a reality.

They advocate for their students, and then teach their students how to advocate for themselves.

They ensure that their students always feel "smart" — no matter what the numbers say.

They level with their students because they know the most powerful lessons can come from life experiences.

They do not hesitate to put their students' safety before their own. 

They find something to celebrate about each student. No matter how hard it may be. 

They teach lessons on students' terms. Aka they teach "Formation."

And they turn the world into their classroom, with the hope of shaping a better future.

And there are many, many more.

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