Obama vs Romney Polls: How Romney Can Close the Gap Among Female Voters


The Huffington Post quoted Madeline Albright saying, “I can't understand why any woman would want to vote for Mitt Romney, except maybe Mrs. Romney.” 

They said Albright’s words sum up the lack of support for Mitt amongst female voters. At the Democratic National Convention, Julian Castro’s keynote speech reiterated this idea with his “Romney is no for women’s rights.” Obviously, Romney is sending the message that he does not support women’s rights. But Romney’s history shows otherwise, and he should capitalize on this. 

Although Romney argues that he has been explicit in his views on abortion, many women still do not know where Romney stands on abortion. So, they lump him with the general Republican platform that is completely anti-abortion and trying to overturn Roe v. Wade to prevent women from exercising the right to choice. 

But if Romney explained his rationale behind rejecting the senate bill, women would not think he wants to keep them dependent on men or in poverty. Many families rely on women to put food on the table because of the recession. An explanation would have helped women understand that his lack of support was to improve the economy so that an equal pay bill could safely be passed. He would have gained more female votes.

He would have also been able to distance himself from the stigma of the Republican Party only supporting big businesses at the expense of the less well off. Many women do not support Romney because they think Republicans only support big businesses such as in the aforementioned senate bill. But if Romney were to explain the economic logic of how his plans could help average Americans, he could gain the support of working women trying to make ends meet.