People Are Freaking Out Over Orlando Bloom’s Pooping Tamagotchi at the Met Gala


Orlando Bloom must've missed the futuristic memo, and we're damn glad he did.  

At this year's Met Gala —  "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" — celebrities draped themselves in metallic, glow-in-the-dark garments fit for a journey to Mars. But what's that? Amid a sea of metaled couture, a wild piece of plastic emerged.

Pinned to Bloom's lapel was a Tamagotchi. 

And like any nervous newbie in a swarm of paparazzi and superstars, the digital pet shit itself

So on what many consider one of the most glamorous nights of the year, Bloom wore a Tamagotchi, nay, a shitting Tamagotchi. 

2015 was the year of Rihanna's fur-trimmed yellow cape. While many are clamoring over Claire Danes' light-up dress, I'm going to give 2016 to Orlando's soiled Tamagotchi. 

Charles Sykes/AP