This Company Is Brewing Beer From Belly Button Yeast


Navel gazing? Perhaps it's really navel prospecting — a close inspection of the belly button for brewable yeast. As C-Net reported, brewers at the Australian beer company 7 Cent are harvesting yeast from their own navels to craft the company's Belly Button Beer. 


It is "perhaps the first beer in the world fermented ... from the brewer's belly button fluff," according to 7 Cent's website. Each beer maker submitted to a navel swab to contribute a yeast specimen, which was then allowed to incubate on an agar plate. They then culled the herd, grabbing select yeast colonies to cultivate for test batches. The result?

"A new world-ish Belgian-ish Witbier with fresh orange zest and toasted coriander seeds," the site reads, noting the yeast adds a spicy hint of banana. All in all, it doesn't sound that weird. "Once you get used to the idea that yeast is yeast no matter where you get it from and that the water we drink is really recycled dinosaur urine, then you can just sit back and enjoy the beer," as the site says.

So, beer brewed with vaginal yeast or beer brewed with belly button yeast — what'll it be?

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h/t C-Net