Hey, You Slobs, This New Mom Did CrossFit Throughout Her Entire Pregnancy


Being pregnant sounds like a great excuse to lie on the couch for nine months and binge on churros, doesn't it? I'd probably also throw some chocolate gelato and salt & vinegar Lay's into the mix as well.

But apparently, not everyone feels this way. For example: Utah mom Chrisi Hammer recently spent the entire duration of her fourth pregnancy going to CrossFit six times a week and mastering the art of the bar-facing burpee. How you doin'?

Hammer's fitness journey was featured in a segment for Fox 5 News last week, where she said this:

I can back squat 210, and overhead, I can get 120 pounds up... Everyone just keeps teasing me that I have this pregnancy strength, 'cause I`m stronger now than I was before I got pregnant.

I'm a 6'3" non-pregnant man and can do three pushups, so that's cool. 

Hammer told the station that she first had used CrossFit to drop the baby weight from her third pregnancy. Then she became hooked. Maintaining her training schedule throughout her fourth pregnancy meant that she only gained 30 pounds throughout the process, compared to 80 pounds during the one before. That's a difference of, like, six babies!

So, anyway, if you're in the mood to feel athletically inferior to a pregnant woman, consider checking out Hammer's Instagram, where she documented her CrossFit domination before finally giving birth last week:

h/t Cosmopolitan