Check Out This Super-Eco-Friendly House Made of Cardboard


Shipping container homes are over. Believe it or not, the next wave of sustainable housing will be made out of one of the flimsiest materials: cardboard. An Amsterdam-based creative construction company called Fiction Factory has devised a sustainable home out of the stuff usually reserved for packaging.


The Wikkelhouse is a modular home made of 1.2-meter-long interlocking segments that creates a long single floored home. 


Each segment is made of 24 layers of cardboard wrapped around a house-shaped mold. 


It's then finished off with wood and glass windows. According to Fiction Factory, the house can sustain rain and is designed to last over 50 years. 

Fiction Factory

The ultra-light structure isn't necessarily prepared to stand up to extreme weather conditions. At only 13,228 pounds (or 6,000 kilograms) the foundationless house could get rocked by heavy winds. 

Fiction Factory

It could make a great guest home in some temperate region. Expect to see the Wikkelhouse popping up in backyards across San Diego. 

h/t Gizmodo