Dear Crazy Drivers: Science Has You Figured Out


According to a recent study, personality traits like being antisocial and "sensation seeking" could be linked to risky driving. Researchers analyzed the psychological profiles of four groups of male drivers aged 19 to 39: those with DWIs, those caught speeding, those caught doing both and a control group.

In the study, researchers administered personality tests, analyzed driving behavior, had subjects perform tasks to determine their disinhibition, decision-making and keenness to take risks and measured cortisol hormone levels during stress response.


The three non-control groups were all shown to having low cortisol responses during times of stress, which, the researchers concluded in the study, "may reflect the disparate behavioral consequences of dysregulation of the stress system."

Other research has linked risky driving to personality traits like extroversion, which can make drivers more prone to being distracted.

So next time some asshole extrovert with a low cortisol response cuts you off, you have a whole new arsenal of scientifically sound insults to throw their way.

h/t Science of Us

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