John Kasich Tried Using the Force Just Before Being Defeated by the Empire (Donald Trump)


John Kasich was hoping for some sort of miracle to happen — as in, for example, a lowly Rebel fleet defeating the unparalleled strength of the Empire. That's why on this holy day for Star Wars aficionados, May 4, the now-formerly fledgling Republican presidential candidate was leaning on the Force to, by some chance, tackle Donald Trump.

Despite being the last candidate left in the bid to steal the ticket from the leading Republican billionaire, Kasich has been one of the lowest polling politicians in the 2016 campaign season for some time. Knowing he was the only hope for anyone still hoping to replace Trump, the Ohio governor tweeted the iconic Star wars scrolling intro with his own political flavoring.

"Upon defeating Donald Trump in the largest landslide since Reagan in 1984, President Hillary Clinton is preparing to name her newest Supreme Court Justice, Elizabeth Warren," is how the tweeted video starts, foreshadowing an apocalyptic America for Republicans in which the Supreme Leader is the former secretary of state.

The fear mongering continues:  

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning new tax hikes, hoping that Senate President Chuck Schumer and his new Democratic majority can swiftly get it to the president's desk for her signature. ... Meanwhile, our allies across the world are swiftly losing faith in America's role as a global leader, empowering our enemies and leaving America in a more dangerous position.

Unfortunately for him, Kasich only had 156 delegates out of the 2,472 available, CNN reported. Trump is much closer to taking the ticket into the general election, with 1,056 delegates after successfully upsetting Cruz Tuesday night. Clinton holds 2,202 of the 2,383 needed to secure the Democratic ticket. To win the Republican nomination, a candidate needs 1,237 delegates.

Despite likely taking up a graphic artist's entire morning, the Star Wars ad did nothing to help Kasich — he reportedly suspended his campaign only hours later. The Empire won.