Taylor Swift May Have Documented a Secret Pizza Squad Initiation Ritual on Instagram

Every secret society has its own rituals and traditions. Fraternities haze. Underground churches worship. The 1% gets together and chants gibberish.

Taylor Swift's squad dons animal onesies and eats pizza.

Swift shared rare footage of the group's most recent onesie-pizza ceremony on Instagram, which featured herself and the HAIM sisters Este, Danielle and Alana after Monday night's Met Gala

You'll notice that the HAIM sisters are wearing bunny and dalmatian onesies, while Squadleader Taylor Swift is appropriately draped in traditional squad-unicorn garb, a nod to her 2014 "Pegacorn" Halloween costume. The whole-pizza-to-squad-member ratio is 1:2, which is important to note. These are all very useful clues in learning more about the inner workings of this mysterious and elite fellowship of women.

h/t Seventeen