Will Hillary Clinton Be Indicted? These Sanders Supporters Using #DropOutHillary Think So


Bernie Sanders most likely isn't going to be president and he's not going to be the Democratic nominee.

Sanders has always faced long odds, but it became mathematically impossible for the democratic socialist from Vermont to become the nominee after his victory in the Indiana primary on Tuesday. Despite the win, there are now fewer pledged delegates remaining than he would need to go over the top on the first ballot. 

Yet for some, the Bern has only grown as the cause becomes more and more unlikely. Berners have rallied together on Twitter under the hashtag #DropOutHillary. 

That's probably not going to happen — but here it is.

Much of the in-the-tank Sanders media, too, have gamely followed his supporters into the sunset. Writing for the Huffington Post, Wednesday, H.A. Goodman called on Clinton to "Concede to Bernie Sanders Before The FBI Reveals Its Findings." The same author, meanwhile, all but advocated an FBI show trial against the former secretary of state in Salon last month.  

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