President Obama Met Little Miss Flint and the Photo Is Amazing


As President Obama winds down his remaining months in office, he took a moment to visit the lead-stricken city of Flint, Michigan — and carved out a special meeting with the person who invited him, 8-year-old Amariyanna "Mari" Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint.

From the looks of the photo, the commander in chief seems to have swept her off her feet — literally. 

The whole thing got going after Copeny penned a letter to Obama in March asking him to visit with residents and talk about his efforts to help the blighted city. 

"I am one of the children that is affected by this water and I've been doing my best to march in protest and to speak out for all the kids that live here in Flint," she wrote. "I would love for a chance to meet you or your wife. My mom said chances are you will be too busy with more important things."

But it seems Obama wasn't too busy after all.

Obama not only followed up with a letter of his own but made the trek out to pay a personal visit to Copeny as well. 

"Like you, I'll use my voice to call for change and help lift up your community," Obama wrote, "Letters from kids like you are what make me so optimistic for the future. I hope to meet you next week, 'Little Miss Flint.'" 

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