Wendy Williams Says Melania Trump Is “Too Pretty” To Be a First Lady


After months and months of invading your cable news network, newspaper and the internet, Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, which means his wife, Melania Trump, could very well be our next first lady. 

As Mic has reported before, Melania would set a different tone in the White House. She's not a lawyer, like Michelle Obama, or a former teacher and librarian like Laura Bush. She's a former fashion model, with a wardrobe and untouchable aura to match. 

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Already, how she looks has been a topic of conversation on news networks, with most administering creepy high praise, like when Chris Matthews was caught ogling Trump's walk just yesterday. But now, people have started questioning if the way she looks would be a disadvantage to her as first lady. 

On her talk show on Wednesday morning, Wendy Williams discussed a possible Donald Trump presidency during her daily Hot Topics segment. 

"Melania is looking gorgeous," she said. "Almost too pretty to be a first lady, do you know what I mean? Have we talked about this, or is this just me in my head?" 


Williams then continued to insinuate that although we've had attractive first ladies in the past, Trump is on another level, especially with her nude photoshoots on the internet. 

"Well, you know, we have attractive first ladies, but not ones who pose naked and you can look her up and you can see everything," she continued. "She's too pretty. Too pretty to be first lady." 

And with that, the crowd went a bit silent. Because, really, who's to say that a woman's own beauty will be a factor in her power to inspire?


This isn't the first time a prospective first lady's looks have been a topic of conversation. When Barack Obama was running in 2008, his wife Michelle Obama's looks were heavily criticized. Even still, over the past few years, certain radio DJs just can't stop talking about it. Certainly, as we've seen, Michelle Obama's looks haven't been a factor in her creating the Let's Move campaign, or teaming up with Jill Biden to rally for more support for the families of veterans, so why would Trump's? 

Being a first lady entails, ultimately, whatever that first lady wants it to, whether it be more about advocacy, or creating a stable home life for herself in the White House. 

Additionally, the fact that Trump does have photos of herself posing naked on a white bearskin rug surely isn't a valid reason to stop anyone from believing that she's capable of serving as first lady. Her looks really don't matter at all. 

The only time a woman's looks matter is if she is, in fact, employed to show that off as a model — and that's something Melania Trump has done, and is now retired from

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What we're seeing here, of course, is an obvious display of sexism. No one's brought up a male presidential candidate's attractiveness (or lack thereof) when talking about their credentials. But of course, for years now, Hillary Clinton's looks have been a topic of rampant conversation, which has drawn the ire of many a female onlooker

So what gives? Why should we care about how someone looks and how that could affect their ability to lead? The answer: We shouldn't. We are 186 days until the election. Surely, we have more pressing and engaging things to talk about other than how a woman's attractiveness will affect her ability to lead.