The GOP Pretty Much Made Hillary Clinton’s Donald Trump Attack Ad for Her


With Donald Trump now the presumptive GOP nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to tweet out a new ad aimed directly at her likely match, starring only members of the GOP. "'President Trump' is a dangerous proposition," her tweet read. 

The ad questions Trump's claims of being a "unifier" of the Republican party, and literally lets the GOP, including Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, answer that question with their own previously expressed opinions on Trump through a compilation of clips.


In the ad, Trump is called things like "the most vulgar person to ever aspire to the presidency" by Rubio, a "bully" by Cruz and misogynistic by Romney. 

Viewers are also reminded of Trump's shining moments, like when he mocked a disabled reporter onstage at a November speech in South Carolina, and when he made a sexist remark about Fox News' Megyn Kelly and periods.    


Trump also gets some voice-time in the ad, saying that he's very rich, that everybody loves him and that he pulls people together. 

The ad ends with Jeb Bush saying that Trump "needs therapy."

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