Polite Alligator Rings Doorbell to Announce Its Arrival Because That's How It's Done


An alligator crawling around your front lawn sounds kind of scary, but an alligator politely ringing your doorbell and asking to come in? That's just adorably courteous.

Gary Rogers told WCIV that he spotted the alligator walking around the South Carolina town of Moncks Corner on Monday morning. 

"He was walking around in front of a couple of houses down in the cul-de-sac area. So we went down. Took a couple videos ... He was trying to climb the fence a couple times. Tried to climb somebody's door. It was pretty funny actually," Rogers told WCIV. "I'm not from the area, so seeing an alligator is interesting as far as I'm concerned."

The neighborly reptile was spotted hanging out by the front door of Jamie Bailey's home. Sadly Bailey wasn't around to invite him in, but she told WCIV that he left a calling card. 

"You can see where he was scratching all around the door here. And then there. And then you can see the scratches on the knob itself," Bailey said. "I mean, who would have thought — an alligator!"