The New 'Power Rangers' Suits Are Metallic Messes, and People Are Pissed


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First, the new Power Rangers movie messed with Rita Repulsa. Now, they've come for the iconic, colorful Ranger suits.

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Entertainment Weekly released the first official image of the upcoming Power Rangers movie's Ranger suits, and the result is decidedly not pretty. It's a bit akin to three different Iron Men and two Iron Women each in a different color.

Problems abound with the suits, including a heavy-looking chrome exterior that doesn't quite fit with the martial arts-focused mythology of the series. Though the reboot is a reworking of the original series, with young actors (Dacre Montgomery, Becky Gomez and more), there's definitely an emphasis on recreating what made the original TV series so beloved. The Rangers' names are the same, and Elizabeth Banks is playing original series villain Rita Repulsa.

After Entertainment Weekly released the image of the new look, it didn't take long for Twitter to sharpen its verbal knives and lunge for the gaps in the new suits' chrome-plated armor.

The suits look more villainous than heroic, as Twitter user Matt Post noted. But there's also a secret problem lying in the suits. Look at the pink Ranger's boot.

Notice what it has that the black, red and white Rangers' boots don't? That's right, a heel. (The fellow female yellow Ranger's boot also has a heel, but it's somewhat obscured by Entertainment Weekly's watermark.)

As series get rebooted and modernized, there will be cosmetic changes. Lionsgate Studios and Saban Entertainment, the film's production arms, would likely get blasted for relying on nostalgia if they just sent the Rangers out in carbon copies of their old suits. 

That doesn't mean the changes have to be so hideous. For a series that has made its legend off its look, these suits are an ill omen of the movie to come in 2017.