New Jersey Teen's iPhone Overheated and Burned Through a Notebook


Exploding e-cigs, fiery hoverboards, burning iPhones... according to the rules of Darwinism, the luddites will prevail. 

A high school student's iPhone 6 recently overheated and reportedly burned through 12 pages of a notebook, Consumerist reported. 

The Cherry Hill Fire Department said the iPhone was not plugged in or in use when it blazed through the spiral notebook, which is now permanently branded with the Apple logo. No humans or notes were harmed in the notebook searing.  


The fire department didn't disclose why it thinks the iPhone overheated, but this isn't a fluke incident — iPhones have gotten too hot for comfort in the past. A woman in New York said her iPhone battery overheated and oozed a "dark liquid," a man in Atlanta stripped down in a Home Depot parking lot after his iPhone 6 Plus caught fire in his pants and a man in the U.K. died after his iPhone battery overheated while charging and started a fire in his apartment. 

The culprit? You can usually blame the battery

The Cherry Hill Fire Department notes that if your phone overheats, you should contact the fire department and report the incident to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.