Channing Tatum Put All Other Husbands to Shame on Snapchat by Giving His Wife a Pedicure


Did you know that actor/dancer/producer/ex-stripper Channing Tatum is also an aspiring nail technician?

It's true.

He gave wife Jenna Dewan Tatum a pedicure this week.

Dewan Tatum uploaded the above images to Snapchat this week, in which her fledgling pedicurist husband can be seen applying nail polish remover and also practicing his toenail-blowing technique.

Is Channing — whom some consider a paragon of new masculinity — less of a man for not only stepping foot in a nail salon, but also performing some pedicure-related duties himself? And are these pictures of Channing giving his wife a pedicure all just one big conspiracy to "mind fuck" women into thinking that their (non-nail technician) husbands are defective? 

At least one person thinks so!

The rest of us, however, think it's pretty cool that Channing is pursuing a sideline career as a nail technician — though it's unclear whether he's getting his official license at this time, or if he intends to take on any other clients. But hey, you never know!

h/t the Cut