Can You Tell Why the Internet Is Roasting 'Billboard' and Fifth Harmony for This Photo?


Perhaps Billboard is such a huge fan of Fifth Harmony's construction work choreography, they just wanted to make it abundantly clear none of the female group's artists have two left feet. 

But when the publication revealed the group's feature story and photo shoot on Thursday, social media exploded with a seemingly obvious photoshop gaffe apparently in junction with the piece titled "Fifth Harmony on Surviving Pop Star Game and Finally Having a Damn Voice."

Unfortunately, the "artist" who was "perfecting" the woman's bodies accidentally placed two right feet on Brooke Hernandez. It's unclear in what original context the photo was used — Billboard has either deleted the photo from the article or removed any promotional tweets that featured it. Of course, if Billboard had been the original perpetrators of the photoshop fail, their quickness in hiding the mistake wasn't fast enough for the world wide web.

"[Fifth Harmony] in Billboard might be the biggest failure of 2016, and it's only beginning of May," wrote one Twitter user. "Photoshop tragedy."

Billboard did not respond to requests for a comment, though we're pretty sure someone is getting a stern talking-to. Two wrongs don't make a right, but in this case, neither do two rights. 

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