Put Your Greasy Breakfast on Notice With These Healthy, Delicious Alternatives


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so hopefully, you're not one of the 31 million United States consumers that skips it daily. But solely being vigilant about eating breakfast isn't enough — what you put in your body in the a.m. matters, too.

Read on for easy, healthy substitutions you can make to supercharge your day and your diet.

Instead of instant oatmeal packets, try chia seed pudding.

Matthew Mead/AP

While the cinnamon-y flavors smell and taste delicious, microwaveable oatmeal packets are usually packed with sugar, salt and artificial flavorings. Protein-packed chia pudding will energize you like oats, but with less of the sugar that leaves you feeling sluggish by midday.

Instead of bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel, try a breakfast burrito.


Your typical egg and cheese on a bagel, while extremely delicious, is loaded with copious amounts of sodium and fat. A homemade — sorry "Breakfast Defectors" — breakfast burrito on a whole wheat tortilla, on the other hand, has less cholesterol and can pack an extra spicy kick when paired with salsa.

Instead of a blueberry muffin, try a fruit parfait.

Matthew Mead/AP

Muffins, like the usual lineup of breakfast suspects, are full of processed sugars and fats. What's worse? They're often more than 455 calories, which is enough to throw your entire day off #clean-eating off course. A yogurt parfait with a sprinkling of granola can satisfy your carb craving without all of the extra calories and sugar.

Instead of eggs Benedict, try a slice of veggie quiche.

Matthew Mead/AP

Eggs Benedict is an old brunch standard, but the creamy hollandaise sauce and bottomless mimosas that accompany it are not your friends. Rather, try a slice of vegetable quiche. The protein in the eggs will satisfy you for hours and the ingredients (cheese; veggies; a flaky, buttery crust) might surprise you with how delicious they are.

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