Snooki Baby Lorenzo Photos Open Next Chapter for the Stars of MTV Jersey Shore


Maybe we celebrated too soon by declaring that Snooki's newly born baby Lorenzo had caused MTV to suddenly cancel the infamous Jersey Shore -- thus restoring faith in humanity. But, as it turns out, the arrival of the newest "Guido" may just be the beggining of the next chapter for the most loved/hated inhabitants of Seaside Heights.  

Though MTV announced Jersey Shore Season 6 will be the last season of the (in)famous show, the adventures of Snooki, JWoww and other stars of the controversial program will keep playing for the time being on and off camera. 

From Lorenzo's baby shower, with multiples opportunities for product placement (rhinestone Italian flag baby shoes, anyone?), to Snooki's "post baby bump diet," Jersey Shore's antics have moved beyond the TV screen and onto tabloids and celebristy gossip shows -- which keep updating day after day the most mundane instances of new motherhood to a legion of online fans who hang on every single little detail: every baby puke, every mommy burp. 

And the fun is not limited to new mom Snooki and her bundle of joy. JWoww, Snooki's beloved friend, roomate and co-star in JWoww & Snooki (the Jersey Shore spin off likely to survive, for now) is milking press rumors about her supposed/potential engagement to boyfriend Roger Matthews. 

JWoww, who recently said she'd be recording Lorenzo's birthday, to potentially be shown on any of the current or upcoming shows of the indelible franchise, has long been toying with her relationship status as well as with the possibility of being the next "Guidette" to get a visit from the stork. Behold, Jersey Shore "next generation" is pretty much in the making.