Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown: Massachusetts Primary Results


Dem House winners: Neal, McGovern, Tsongas, Kennedy, Markey, J. Tierney, Capuano, Lynch, Keating.

GOP House winners: Golnik, Bielat, T. Tierney, Tisei, Selvaggi, Chaprales. 

Senate winners: Brown (R), Warren (D) 

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PolicyMic called the House GOP 9th last night at 10:21pm for Adam Chaprales, who has won by a mere 47 votes. The call at the time was based on the fact that at the time the race had a 4-point spread with over 80% of precincts reporting, and the sense that there was simply not in enough volume in the remaining precincts to swing the primary in favor of Christopher Sheldon. While Sheldon gained more ground than expected in the late hours, our early call  in this race was correct. Chaprales will face Congressman Bill Keating in November. 

In a Thursday primary, Massachusetts voters head to the polls to select candidates for the November general election. There are a few key races tonight in this state, which lost a seat in the House of Representatives after the 2010 census, giving the state nine representatives. Polls close at 8pm. 

The most high-profile candidate on the Democratic side is of course Elizabeth Warren, the consumer protection advocate and former chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel that handled the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Warren will secure the Democratic nomination tonight one day after delivering an impassioned address to the Democratic National Convention. In November she will face Republican Scott Brown, who won his seat by upsetting Attorney General Martha Coakley in a special election in 2010 to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy. Brown has cast himself as a moderate Republican in order to survive in this deeply blue state. Like Warren, Brown is running unopposed. 

With the exception of Brown, the Massachusetts congressional delegation is comprised entirely of Democrats. However, if one seat is in jeopardy in November, it's John Tierney's in the 6th. Tierney, who is running unopposed in this primary, has come under Republican fire for his wife's conviction for tax fraud, for which she was sentenced to 30 days in prison and five months house arrest in January 2011. Although this was an issue during the 2010 midterm elections, Tierney managed to win reelection by defeating Bill Hudak. Tierney will square off against former state Senator Richard Tisei, who, if elected in November, would become the first openly gay Republican member of Congress. 

Joe Kennedy III, a lawyer for the Middlesex County District Attorney's office and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, is seeking public office for the first time. When Congressman Patrick Kennedy --son of Ted Kennedy -- of Rhode Island left the House in 2011, it was the first time since 1945 Congress e did not have a member of the Kennedy clan serving in it. Joe Kennedy III hopes the hiatus won't last much longer. 


10:52pm: That'll do it for this live blog on the Massachusetts congressional primaries. In the coming weeks, PolicyMic will be ramping up its coverage on the race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren -- arguably the most anticipated senate race in the nation. 

10:43pm: The latest polls in the hotly-contested Brown-Warren race.

10:34pm: Dem House winners: Neal, McGovern, Tsongas, Kennedy, Markey, J. Tierney, Capuano, Lynch, Keating.

GOP House winners: Golnik, Bielat, T. Tierney, Tisei, Selvaggi, Chaprales. 

10:21pm: PolicyMic is calling the GOP 9th for Adam Chaprales in what was the closest congressional primary race.

10:12pm: Scott Brown speaking with his billionaire campaign donor, energy tycoon, and libertarian David Koch:

10:09pm: It's still too close to call in the GOP 9th. Boston.com

10:04pm: The Brown-Warren race is already the costliest in the nation, as the candidates have raised a total of $53 million. Expect this figure to double....at least. 

10:00pm: By far, the second-most intriguing match-up in Massachusetts will be the John Tierney-Richard Tisei battle in the 6th. The Massachusetts GOP thinks it has a real shot at wresting a House seat from the Democrats. Expect an unusually high amount of out-of-state money to flood this race. 

9:55pm: Chris Sheldon is running out of steam in the GOP 9th. Adam Chaprales seems like he's going to hang on. Winner will face Bill Keating in the redrawn 9th in November. 

9:51pm: Still too close to call in the GOP 9th. 

9:42pm: Vintage Elizabeth Warren grilling Obama's Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, on the federal government giving insurance giant AIG's counterparties 100 cents on the dollar after the financial collapse: 

9:40pm: Meanwhile, over at the DNC, Joe Biden has been speaking for several minutes and has made zero gaffes. 

9:34pm: The only congressional race left to be decided is the GOP 9th. Boston.com

9:28pm: Joe Selvaggi has won the GOP 8th:

9:22pm: The GOP 5th has been won by Tom Tierney. 

9:14pm: The GOP 5th, 8th, and 9th are the only real congressional races left at this point. 

8:58pm: Tonight the big question on everyone's mind is whether The Truck will be a factor again in the U.S. Senate race:

8:47pm: Interesting doings in the GOP 8th and 9th. Boston.com:

8:45pm: In other news, Senator John Kerry is currently addressing the DNC

8:39pm: With six of of 220 precinct reporting, PolicyMic is calling the GOP 4th for Sean Bielat, who lost in 2010 to Barney Frank, who is retiring this year. Bielat will face Joe Kennedy in November. 

8:35pm: The Selvaggi-Temperley race in the 8th looks like a tight one with a whole two precints reporting

8:27pm: Isn't kind of embarrassing that the GOP couldn't field any candidates in the 1st, 2nd, and 7th districts? From boston.com:

8:19pm: PolicyMic is calling 1st Dem primary for Richard Neal; the 2nd Dem primary for Jim McGovern; the Republican 3rd for Jon Golnik; the Dem 4th for Joe Kennedy; and the Dem 9th for Bill Keating. 

8:10pm: The results are trickling in. It's unlikely there will be any shockers tonight. Scott Brown's election in 2010 notwithstanding, Massachusetts elections tend to be pretty predictable. 

8:07pm: Incredibly, it appears Bill Galvin's office doesn't provide live result updates. Even Vermont does that! We've still called a few races below. 

8:00pm: Polls are closed. Hope you all voted early and often. 

7:56pm: In case you missed it, here's Warren's speech from last night's Democratic National Convention:

7:50pm: Ten minutes until the polls close. Here's a shocker: turnout was low