Donald Trump Supporters Slam 'Family Guy' for Its Parody of the GOP Candidate


Comic relief can go a long way during a grueling presidential election season.

When he hasn't been proposing discriminatory policies against Muslims, hispanic immigrants and women, presumptive GOP candidate Donald Trump — whose campaign many believed to be a joke at the outset — has provided some space for humor, be it in the form of micropenis paintings or erotic novellas.

Last week, Family Guy creators chipped in with a spoof of the presumptive Republican nominee, giving main character Peter Griffin a Trump makeover, complete with orange spray tan and blonde toupee. Striking one of the candidate's signature poses, Griffin-cum-Trump asks, "As long as we're voting for dumb loudmouths, can I get an Emmy?"

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the parody was part of the Fox animated sitcom's bid for an Emmy award in the "outstanding animated program" category, for which they haven't received a nomination in a decade.

When Family Guy shared the Reporter's coverage on its Facebook page, Trump supporters struck back in the comments, accusing the show of being too liberal and threatening to boycott it altogether.

"Family Guy literally became less funny as they hired more and more liberal writers," wrote one commenter. Another chimed in, writing, "It's like you liberal snowflakes haven't heard. The Trump can't be stumped." A commenter called the show's creator Seth MacFarlane a "liberal socialist douchebag," while another said he'd never watch the show again: "Years of watching every episode of Family Guy, no more."

And at least one person commented on how the show's spoof is indicative of the sad state of the country's current politics: "You know you're doing something wrong when Family Guy has to make Peter Griffin even more pea-brained to impersonate you."