Working From Home Makes Us Happier and Better at Our Jobs, So Let's Get Back in PJs Please


Reading this from an in-office desk? Do yourself a favor and hightail it back home. According to a new study conducted by survey and research company TINYpulse, we'd probably all be more efficient, and definitely more comfortable, if we all worked from home. 

According to Marie Claire, TINYpulse collected data on employee contentedness from 509 remote workers and 200,000 on-site workers, all of whom were asked about how happy and valued they felt at work on a scale of 1 to 10. People who worked remotely scored their happiness level at 8.1, versus 7.42 from the office folk. They also reported feeling more valued, 7.75 to 6.69. 91% of those surveyed said they were more productive working from home.


The only area where office-bound employees outscored remote employees was in building relationships with coworkers. That tends to be the case in most tests of working-from-home efficacy. A 2015 experiment written up in the Harvard Business Review, for example, demonstrated that workers whose schedules were shifted to a work-from-home setup consistently upped their productivity over the course of nine months, a solid 13%. The company, Ctrip, was so satisfied with the results that it instituted remote work as an option for everyone. Most workers decided to come back to the office, though, desiring human contact.

But other studies have supported the idea that working from home is better from a productivity standpoint. So for those of us who aren't bothered by the loneliness of remote work, can we all go home now? Because on a Monday morning, who wouldn't rather be doing this from the comfort of a bed?