This Simple Trick Will Eliminate the Insane Pile of Plastic Bags Under Your Kitchen Sink

Saving and reusing grocery bags is environmentally friendly — but if you're stuffing them under your kitchen sink like many of us still do, we've got your back.

Your present:

Source: McGyverisms

Your future:

Source: Dollar Store Crafts

It's possible to neatly store all of your plastic bags in one small bowl

It involves basic origami and one minute of your precious time.

Here's how it's done:

Flatten your plastic bag on an even surface.

Source: Mic

Fold it horizontally in 4-inch sections...

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...Until you're left with this:

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Fold a triangular corner at the bottom end of the bag.

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Repeat until you're left with a pocket-sized triangle.

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Tuck that stray edge.

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Congratulations, you've just advanced from novice to expert plastic-bag folder.

P.S.: It doubles as a boomerang. Knock yourself out.

h/t: Dollar Store Crafts