This "Bernie Sanders Glowsticks" Meme Was Made by Someone Who Wants to Kill You


Someone wants Bernie Sanders supporters to feel the burn — in their skin, filling their nostrils and in their lungs, even to the point of death.

A short infographic pulled straight from the Anarchist Cookbook called "How to make Bernie Sander's Glowsticks!" [sic] found its way to Tumblr, DeviantArt and Reddit in the past 48 hours. 

Ostensibly, it's a guide to making small, blue glow sticks. It's even stamped with a fake "Bernie Sanders approves!" message at the bottom.


These instructions do not tell you how to make glow sticks. These are instructions for how to make a deadly chlorine bomb. 

"Signal boost," one Tumblr user posted, warning others from taking the meme seriously. "Don't do this. It seems like it was made by someone to encourage people to hurt/kill themselves."


Here's what would actually happen if you made them. The instructions require you to mix a swimming-pool-chlorinating tablet with isopropyl alcohol, then shake the ingredients together inside of a closed bottle. The chemical reaction rapidly generates enough chlorine gas to cause a pressurized explosion in the bottle, releasing the gas into the air.

If the lungs are exposed to enough chlorine gas, it begins to attack the respiratory system and can cause the lungs to fill with fluid until the victim asphyxiates.

The dangerous meme gives instructions for a 2-liter bomb. Take a look at this clip to see what a 3-liter chlorine bomb can do:


It's unclear where the meme originated, but it's already made its way to forums like /r/KillThoseWhoDisagree and /r/EnoughSandersSpam.