You've Been Drinking Iced Coffee Wrong Your Whole Damn Adult Life

The season of iced coffee (also known as cold, diluted coffee that you inexplicably pay extra for) is here. But rather than shell out the money to buy a daily iced coffee, save cash by making it at home — and making it better.

You know how, as the ice melts, your iced coffee gets progressively waterier until it's basically just room temperature beige water? There's an easy way to solve that problem: coffee ice cubes.

That's right, brew some coffee, let it cool and then pour it into an ice cube tray.

Source: YouTube

Then let them freeze. 

Source: YouTube

Now, the next time you want some cold, refreshing iced coffee, use your special coffee ice cubes. 

As the cubes melt they won't dilute your coffee.

Source: YouTube

For full instructions, check out this video from OXO's YouTube channel:

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