Bernie Sanders Filmed This Video to Help a Campaign Staffer With His Marriage Proposal


Just when Bernie Sanders can't get anymore lovable, he goes and does something like this. 

On Sunday night, Sanders campaign Digital Media Director Hector Sigala tweeted out a video of the Democratic presidential candidate helping him out with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. 

And Sanders was sneaky about it initially pretending to record a campaign message before pulling a switcheroo

Sigala proposed around a week before sharing the special video. A joyous photo of his girlfriend wearing an engagement ring preceded the Very Sanders Proposal. 

Accompanying the photo was the following message: "She said, 'yes!'"

Sanders fans and Bernie bros alike seemed to approve, with Sigala's tweet of the video receiving more than 2,100 likes in under 24 hours

Now we wait and see if Uncle Bernie will officiate the wedding, too.