Sarah Eldridge, Who Assaulted Transgender Woman on NYC Subway, Asks You Not to Judge Her


On Monday night, Sarah Eldridge, the woman who assaulted Taiwanese transgender woman Pearl Love on the New York City subway on April 28, spoke out and said she feels like the victim. 

"Don't judge me unless you know me," Eldridge said to PIX11 in an exclusive interview. 

On May 2, Love uploaded video of the assault to Facebook. Since then, it has been viewed over 300,000 times. Eldridge said that beyond being recognized, she has received death threats on Facebook. She says she deactivated her account on the social media site and contacted police


Eldridge claimed that when she stepped onto the No. 4 train, she was on edge because she had been robbed earlier that week. However, she still thinks Love's feminine gender presentation is inappropriate.

 "I meant what I said," Eldridge said. "That person offended me in a way because she was to me, explicit. I couldn't stand it."  

Eldridge did not comment on her horrific language in the video. Several times, Eldridge yelled "Suck my dick!" at Love, who did not respond. 

When asked, Eldridge said she wouldn't apologize to Love if she met her face to face. 

"I don't think it's that time yet," she said. "I need time.

According to PIX11, Eldridge only became mad when Love continued recording the incident after she asked her to stop. PIX11 also mentioned that Eldridge is currently in therapy working toward apologizing to Love.