You've Been Eating Sandwiches Wrong Your Whole Life


It's a common narrative: You pick up your go-to sandwich from the deli by your office for lunch. And it comes with that awesome, complimentary bag of chips.

You go back to your desk, paper bag in hand. You take out the sandwich. Take the first bite. And then ... ugh.

The sauce — ketchup, mustard, ranch, Italian, mayo, whatever — drips right out the other end. Onto your papers, computer or working surface. 

Luckily, this genius Imgur user proved that where there's a will to neatly eat a loaded sandwich, there's a way.

Here's how it's done in three easy steps:

Lay out the magnificent sandwich/chip combo.


Empty chips onto wrapper/plate.


Insert sandwich into chip bag.


"I broke down and cried when I discovered this," puckbeaverton wrote of this revolutionary discovery. 

"I like New York Steamers and well, they drip. Lots of subs do."

"Put that shit in your Mrs. Vickie's bag and drip no more."

"Then chow down in a clean and orderly manner."

Happy chowing. ¯\_(?)_/¯