After Azealia Banks Called Zayn Malik a "Curry Scented Bitch," Desi Women Clapped Back


After Azealia Banks accused Zayn Malik of swagger jacking her looks from various music videos for his brand new "Like I Would" video, Malik subtweeted a few shady responses. 


In his responses, Zayn said Azealia was reaching and that she wasn't worth his "@" on Twitter.

Banks responded with a slew of racial and homophobic taunts, calling him a "curry scented bitch" and using punjab, a name for a person from Punjab, India, as an insult. Malik is British Pakistani. 

In response to the use of "punjab," Twitter and YouTube star JusReign sent Banks a few tweets highlighting her hypocrisy. 

But it was after Banks' use of "curry scented bitch" that South Asian women used Twitter to say, what exactly is wrong with smelling like curry? 

Meanwhile, for all her talk of swagger jacking and "curry scented" bitches, Banks failed to realize how much she uses South Asian culture in her own videos, something JusReign pointed out. 

Neither Azealia Banks nor JusReign have responded to a request for comment.