Kelly Clarkson Had a Delightful Response to Chrissy Teigen's Post-Baby Body


The word "relatable" often gets thrown around to describe celebrities like new mom Chrissy Teigen and actress Jennifer Lawrence, despite the fact that one of these women is a supermodel and the other is the highest paid actress in the world.

But you know what celebrity is actually relatable? Kelly freakin' Clarkson! In fact, she is so relatable that she — like the rest of us, let's finally be honest — can't even relate to relatable mom Chrissy Teigen.

Earlier this week, the singer got a glimpse of this photo on John Legend's Instagram, in which his wife Chrissy Teigen makes scrambled eggs while her bare midriff peeks out of a kimono. Her tiny lil' stomach seems to be saying, "Wait, did I have a baby inside me for nine months? Oh, right! I guess I did... Hehe!"

Kelly Clarkson reacted with a tweet:

Honestly, this is a very good response to that photograph. Disbelief, hatred, jealousy, a train of thoughts, a question mark followed by an exclamation point, the act of kidding but also not kidding at the same time — these are all very relatable sentiments. 

So the next time you see a celebrity being given a Relatable Mom Award, take a moment to think about true relatable mom Kelly Clarkson. Because unlike the rest, she actually is All Of Us!

h/t Us Magazine