Lady Gaga Tweeted That Frank Ocean Stole the Show at the MTV Video Music Awards


Frank Ocean, the R&B star who stepped into controversy by coming out as bisexual early in the summer, debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight.

Ocean, who received mixed reviews from the traditionally macho Hip Hop community due to the revelations about his sexuality, faced a recent and famous critic recently when legend Stevie Wonder questioned Ocean's sexuality by saying that he was not really gay but just "confused." Wonder has since then explained an apologized. 

According to HuffPo, Ocean started with "Thinking About You," a song off channel ORANGE. Ocean is seated by a fake campfire, wearing his trademark bandana. The young Odd Future crooner's vocals sound studio-perfect.

Lady Gaga was a fan, tweeted, "Watch frank ocean steal this whole show. I'm dead."

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Watch Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You":