Man Tries Shaming Woman At the Gym; Internet Politely Shuts Him the F*ck Down

As if going to the gym weren't already a harrowing enough experience — working out alongside wannabe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnsons and swarms of folks dressing more for the runway  — here is the inspiring tale of how one man got his ass handed to him after attempting to body shame a woman at the gym.

In the video posted to Worldstar Hip Hop, which has thus far racked up over 10 million views, a faceless creep is seen sneakily filming a woman mid-workout. 

"[The Fuck] She Doing," he wrote in a video overlay.

"That coochie is going to be able to crack Walnuts," one man responded, his comment alone racking up over 12,000 likes.

Humanity, or the lack thereof, is sick, sad and often disgusting — nothing new here.

However, the post immediately beneath it, the second-most 'liked' post, provides far better perspective. "During my grind, I focus my attention on me, not some random," writes Facebook user Ursula Panchas. "Internet fun and jokes are cool and all, but these 'look at the person here at the gym' stuff is weak, man."


She wasn't the only one to call out this "random."


"The problem with this video goes further than the bullying," Evan James Betts, certified personal trainer at Tone House NYC, said in an email. "Instead of first asking what she's doing/trying to work on, he resorts straight to his secret snapchat video to 'shame' her. Unfortunately more people nowadays would rather do that than provide a helpful hint — and it's a problem spread throughout the fitness culture. It's never okay to shame someone at the gym. Especially when she's doing an actual REAL exercise. If anything it shows his lack of knowledge and perspective."

The real exercise in question: the Jefferson Squat, which is done to strengthen the quadriceps, calves, glues, hamstrings, lower back and traps.

Carib Spice/YouTube

If I may, let me speak directly to the headless torso who filmed this video: While it may be tempting to film what the internet's low bar might determine "quality" viral content, perhaps consider the bigger picture: the fact that they are at what should be a safe space, that they are working to better themselves, that they are a human being with feelings.

Next time, perhaps ask yourself: The fuck you doing? Take a lesson from this woman's determination, put down your phone and start hitting the weights yourself.