Amber Rose Has No Time for People Who Hate on Her for Being a Sexually Liberated Mom


In a parallel universe where bulldogs fly and red has secretly been yellow all this time, Amber Rose might harbor some shame for being both sexual and a mom. She might also let all the negative tweets from slut-shaming Twitter trolls keep her up at night.

But alas! Bulldogs cannot fly, and red is in fact red — which means that Amber Rose does not care about any of the above.

In case it wasn't clear from her myriad anti-slut-shaming initiatives — which include a book, a foundation, many tweets, an endless well of interviews and of course her famous SlutWalk — Rose gave People her thoughts on these issues in a candid interview published Tuesday.

On the subject of her son Sebastian being repulsed by her unapologetic sexuality later in life:

When he's old enough, he's not going to look back at an old picture and say "God, Mom, why were you dressing like a slut?" He's going to be like, "Wow, Mom, you were gorgeous and now you're old!"

And on the subject of negative social media attention:

I don't care what anybody says. I sleep like a baby at night when I see comments like that. Everybody else can talk shit — but my son won't.

Um, yes to sleeping like a baby at night! That is truly the best way to sleep, even if haters be blowin' up your mentions. Hashtag blocked!

h/t People