Local Schoolyard Bully Explains to Stephen Colbert Where Donald Trump Gets His Nicknames


From Low-Energy Jeb to Little Marco to Lyin' Ted to Crooked Hillary, Donald Trump's nicknames for his rivals have achieved near-mythical status in the presidential race, as one after another has been vanquished under the sheer onslaught of his verbiage. 

For insight into how Trump comes up with such ingenuous yet seemingly puerile monikers, Late Show host Stephen Colbert invited local schoolyard bully and Trump operative Timmy Jenkins to talk strategy — in a satirical interview.   

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"I've had over five years of playground experience making nerds cry," Jenkins told the host. "And that's really fun."


According to Jenkins, the process of naming people was quite methodical with many possibilities tested by focus groups before an official release. 

"You know, we don't just pull this out of our hats. Our first choice wasn't 'Little Marco.' First, we started with 'Sweaty Marco.' And then we went to 'Diar-Rubio.' And then we tried 'Marco Booby-o.' Off the charts for a few minutes, we actually called him 'Marco Pubey-o,'" Jenkins revealed. 

The matter of Trump's nicknames drew renewed relevance with the latest introduction to that hallowed pantheon: Crazy Bernie.

Trump began using the nickname on Twitter before confirming its official status during a taping of Fox and Friends. "I call him Crazy Bernie," Trump told the morning show, where he is a frequent guest. 

The sudden pivot to Bernie Sanders comes as something of a surprise. In the past, the mercurial presumptive GOP presidential nominee has praised Sanders and even urged him to run as a third party candidate. 

Watch the full video here:

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