Debbie Goard's Incredible Cakes Look Like Every Food Except Cake


Even though most of the cakes that come out of Debbie Goard's kitchen are modeled after savory snacks, they're every bit as sweet as you'd hope for them to be.

Goard, a Bay Area-based baker and artist, specializes in creating sculpted cakes that are realistic enough to put the baddest cake boss to shame.

Case in point, this cake resembling a crab and shrimp boil: 

Or this pizza and spicy wings confection

Her creations are so convincing, you can barely tell them apart from the genuine article.

From sushi to burgers and pizza to spring rolls, Goard's cakes will have your mouth watering before you even take the first bite.

On her website, Goard says that although she was always artistic by nature, she got into cake-making biz by accident.

She started her career in a grocery store, working her way up from deli meat slicer to cake decorator extraordinaire.

After a brief stint in an "erotic" bakery, Goard decided to embrace the weird and open up her own business. 

"I always felt more comfortable with unusual designs and had done zombies, life sized decapitated heads, roadkill, etc.," she said in an email to Mic.

Goard said that out of all the requests she receives, children's cakes are the ones she's the most tired of designing.

"I couldn't be sicker of kid's cakes and if Thomas the Tank Engine derailed I wouldn't be sad," she joked. "In all seriousness, I really don't like to do the same cake twice or 1,000 times. I feel I do my best work when I'm challenged and excited about the concept."

She said that the requests for food cakes, however, are still exciting to her, and that she loves to spend days, "trying to perfect a detail as simple as a tomato."

Goard doesn't stop at junk food. Her cakes take the form of everything, ranging from classic children's tales...

To creepy, crawly cakes:

Last year, a request came in from Pixar for a 3-foot tall rendering of the "Sadness" character from the 2015 movie Inside Out. It wasn't until a few days into the cake's production that Goard realized that she was replicating the character for the people who had actually designed it.

"The pressure was definitely ON. Fortunately they loved it and were very pleased with my work," she said.

"I shouldn't, but I find it hard to resist the rich chocolate cake salted caramel buttercream combo. It's pretty decadent," she said.

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