This Bot Was So Good at Being a Lawyer That a Law Firm Hired It


Ross is not your average bankruptcy lawyer. In fact, Ross can answer questions and monitor the law for changes that will impact your case, all without a body or a brain. That's because Ross isn't human. 

Ross is a bot. 

Ross will be joining a team of about 50 humans as part of the bankruptcy practice at law firm BakerHostetler, Futurism reported. The artificially intelligent attorney is powered by IBM's Watson, meaning the smartypants (just kidding, software can't wear pants!) bot will learn as it goes. 

Bots — they're just like us! Only a hell of a lot faster. 

In about 10 years, about half of existing jobs could go to the bots. According to a chart by Futurism, the jobs most at risks include technical writers, retail salespeople, accountants and auditors. The automated workforce future matters, for obvious reasons: It'll put humans out of jobs, and if the economy is unable to generate new jobs for them, their livelihood is at risk. 

It's becoming clear that automation may take over more industries than we had previously anticipated. Ross is evidence of that. 

Ross will be able to sift through billions of text documents per second and spit out relevant facts and conclusions, the Ross Intelligence website states, adding that competing technologies just find keywords. In your face, existing technologies! The future is here and its name is Ross. 

"Ross is trained to read the law, understand lawyers research questions and get smarter the more lawyers use it," Ross Intelligence CEO Andrew Arruda said on his LinkedIn. "Our vision is to create the world's smartest lawyer."

And it appears the humans will welcome the bots with open arms. 

That is, until Ross gains enough knowledge to render humans obsolete altogether. Until then, happy coworking.