This Wedding Video Involving a Groom and His "Side Chick" Is Highly Uncomfortable


In the internet's latest viral video, a wedding comes to a screeching halt when a woman who appears to be the groom's "side chick" shows up off-camera and begins clapping loudly to capture the crowd's attention.

"So this is what you left my house for this morning?" she asks, the entire congregation aghast. "And the other night?"

This clip is going viral now thanks to a new post on WorldStarHipHop, but it seems to have been around on YouTube at least since March. It's worth noting that the whole thing could be staged, but IDK — the confused gasps, the woman walking out looking very chagrinned, the groom stunned into silence (probably for life), the side chick not even visible — it all seems so real.

Speaking of the side chick, she deserves a lifetime achievement award of some sort. Who knows how long she and the groom have been secretly banging. But her ability to figure everything out just in time for his wedding day — and then crash the ceremony! — requires keen investigative skills, not to mention plenty of strength and courage, as well as an inability to feel any shame whatsoever.

And as for the bride, someone please give that woman a large bottle of wine and a DVD copy of Lemonade. She will need both.

h/t The Cut