Science May Have Figured Out Why We Dream


Did you have a dream last night? You did? — well that's good news. 

Thanks to the good people at "Science," we may now know why humans dream in the first place — and it's important.

Researchers from McGill University in Canada and the University of Bern in Switzerland found that REM sleep, the phase where your eyelids twitch and when you dream, is critical for preserving memories, the BBC reported of the data reported in the journal Science.

When REM sleep in mice was disrupted, the mice failed subsequent memory tests. 

"Disrupting the activity only during REM sleep, and not other sleep, basically obliterates consolidation and memory formation," Sylvain Williams, who worked on the study, told the BBC. 

So dare to dream — it's good for you!

And you'll remember this article tomorrow... maybe.

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