Comedian Mike Faverman Throws Sexist, Fat-Shaming Tantrum When Woman Kindly Turns Him Down


Social media users across the country are taunting Los Angeles comedian Mike Faverman after viral images of him allegedly harassing a woman who rejected him spread from Facebook to Twitter, Reddit and Imgur. 

The anonymous woman, who wrote that she already had a boyfriend, replied to his text offer ("When am I taking you to dinner?") with a polite rejection, saying she was "sorry" if she gave him the "wrong impression." 

That's when Faverman went off, unleashing several paragraphs about her weight, her appearance and women in general. 

Among his nuggets of wisdom were, "I know fat chicks give good blow jobs and are easy to push to the curb when you're done with them."

Faverman hypothesizes that the woman probably cries alone and tells her to be polite, not an "angry cunt," the next  time a "nice guy" asks her out. 

Images of these messages started circulating on Facebook, spreading so quickly that his name was trending for a short while. 

A few women sent him insulting messages and tweets, even sending the screenshot of his sexist tirade to the comedian's own mom. Faverman has replied to the backlash by tweeting he's surprised no one is upset with the anonymous woman for publicly posting his messages.

 Mic reached out to Faverman for comment but has yet to hear back and will update if we do.

h/t Revelist