How to Wake Up Refreshed, No Matter How Much Sleep You Get


Waking up is hard to do. 

And getting a good night's sleep is even harder. 

Whether it's because of the ever-growing American workday or the proliferation of the smartphone, the average American is now sleeping two hours less than 150 years ago. 

We cannot take this lying down.

But just because we have no exit plan in the war on sleep doesn't mean there aren't secret weapons to help you stave off drowsiness — no matter how little shut-eye the night before brought.


It may be the last thing you feel like doing when you're tired in the morning, but exercise may be exactly what you need to pick yourself up. 

But don't take our word for it: Science says a "brisk walk" is considerably more effective than even the biggest sugar-high.

The right music. 

For getting an extra dose of energy, make sure your morning playlist sets you up for success. Writing for Bustle, self-proclaimed "grandma" Jennifer Still said she burns the candle at both ends on a strict musical regimen of Drake, Jessie Ware, Rae Morris and others. 

More evidence of music's wakeful powers? According to Psych Central, if you want to sleep, you shouldn't listen to it!


Coffee and tea are nature's cheat code — and caffeine, the active ingredient in both, works by binding itself to the areas of your brain that make you feel tired and basically prevents that process from happening. 

Too much, of course, can lead to jitters, crankiness — and perhaps you spending a little too much time in your office bathroom.


It's ok to snatch a little shut-eye. Even a 10-minute nap can give you a boost, according to WebMD. For max results, double-fist with a nap-caffeine combo