Conspiracy Theorists Think a Time Traveler Went to a 1995 Mike Tyson Boxing Match


The time is 1995. 

Mike Tyson is facing Peter McNeeley in a boxing match in Las Vegas. This was before the iPhone existed. Before YouTube was even an idea. Before the height of cyberspace conspiracy theorists. 

Now the time is 2016, and the internet is hellbent on proving the existence of time travel. The latest shred of evidence is in a video from the aforementioned Mike Tyson match

A camera phone was spotted in the audience during the August 19, 1995 boxing match before camera phones existed. 

It's blurry, but it's enough to drive the web into scientific denial. 


If it looks like a camera phone and acts like a camera phone, it must be a camera phone from the future, right?



As Snopes pointed out, the device seen in the audience of the '90s match also closely resembles cameras that were commercially available at that time, like the Casio QV-10A, the Casio QV-100 and the Logitech Fotoman


It doesn't take a whole lot to fire up a time travel conspiracy theorist — hence the goldmine of YouTube videos aiming to give substance to their beliefs. Which explains these time traveling celebrities:


This 1,500-year-old mummy in Adidas:


This ancient Greek sculpture with a laptop:


Time travel is real if you want it to be.