Google Will Pay You to Sit in a Self-Driving Car and Be Brave


If you're exceptional at sitting on your ass, hitting the open road and soaking up the future of transportation, boy does Google have the job for you! 

Google recently posted a job listing for a Self-Driving Vehicle Operator / Operations Associate in Phoenix, Arizona. After reading the job description and requirements, it appears the employee will be plopping down into an autonomous vehicle and then reporting back to Google. 

Did the car pass its training checkpoints? Make sure you're taking diligent notes — Google wants daily reports on your joy rides, which will take place five days a week for six to eight hours per day. 

Eyes on the road, lips sealed — all of the project details are to be kept confidential, so we hope you can keep a secret.


Google is likely trying to gather as much data as possible about its self-driving cars before the autonomous babies flood the open road. 

Yeah — you'd be a human guinea pig. A survey by AAA shows that 75% of drivers expressed nervousness about getting behind a self-driving car wheel, CNBC reported. So while bravery wasn't listed as a requirement for the job, you'd better be comfortable being chauffeured by a robot. 

If you think you fit the bill, apply here! And if Google's self-driving cars wreak havoc on the highway, don't forget to take notes.