In One (Failure to) Tweet, Justin Bieber May Have Just Cost Himself $650,000


Tweeting while famous can be a very lucrative business; a Kardashian can make thousands of dollars within the space of 140 characters. But failing to tweet while famous can apparently have a greater impact the wallet — just ask Justin Bieber. 

According to Hollywood gossip police TMZ, the "Sorry" singer stands to lose as much as $650,000 for failing to plug an appearance near Montreal on social media.

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As TMZ reported, promotional company Team Productions contracted Bieber to appear at the Canadian resort BeachClub in August 2015. The pop star received $250,000 on signing and would have received an additional $175,000 before the appearance, only he failed to promote it on social, which was part of the deal. Bieber's team reportedly asked for the money upfront, but Team Productions countered that he shouldn't get the agreed-upon sum in full, since he hadn't done his hype duties. 

Then Bieber dropped the following Twitter bomb:

"Montreal due to the promoter of today's event breaking his contract and lying I will not be able to attend today's event," he wrote. "I'm sorry." According to TMZ, Team Productions is suing Bieber for $650,000, saying that, because of his tweet, "no one wants to work with them."

Bieber's track record on showing up to his scheduled events isn't exactly sterling. In March, he canceled post-show meet-and-greets with fans, included in the $2,000 cost of a VIP pass, providing a cardboard cutout of himself as a stand-in.

More recently, he canceled the Argentine stop on his Purpose tour, citing "legal conditions." Delisted attributed the move to that time in 2013 when Bieber and his bodyguard allegedly assaulted a paparazzo in Buenos Aires, after which the pop star became a wanted man in the South American country. 

Team Production's also isn't the only lawsuit Bieber currently faces. In March, he reportedly got rough with an onlooker who filmed his beer bong fail in a Houston club. 

He's getting good at this "sorry" thing.