This Invention Attaches Your Tampon String to Your Belt and Connects to an App


There's another "smart" device you stick in your vagina, and it wants to prevent leakage during your period.

The tampon monitor comes from startup my.Flow and can detect how saturated your tampon is and alert you via an app on your phone. It's not a tampon covered with sensors. You thread the end of the special tampon string into a device that you can clip onto your outfit — and the device will wirelessly tell you what percentage full your tampon is and when you should change it, the Guardian reported.  

my.Flow Vator profile

The objective of my.Flow is to "provide a solution to menstrual mortification," according to the company website, making women less embarrassed by their periods. Menstruation is a taboo topic, namely among men. Inside Amy Schumer recently broadcast a skit which jokes that carrying a saxophone through the office and into the bathroom is less embarrassing than slipping a tampon up your sleeve. (She hides the tampon inside the saxophone.) 

My.Flow is one of an onslaught of Bluetooth-enabled devices vying to be the activity tracker for your vagina. And while no one wants to stain their outfit because of a period leak, a belt clip that's attached to your tampon doesn't seem like an ideal solution to that. 

The clip will retail at $49, according to the website, and will reportedly last multiple years. My.Flow reports that the total cost of its menstrual solution is about $3 more per month than the average amount that women spend on tampons. It is set to launch in 2017, according to the Guardian

In the meantime, how about abolishing the tampon tax

Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images