'Captain America: Civil War' Has an Awesomely Subtle 'Arrested Development' Easter Egg


(Editor's note: Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War ahead.) 

If you let yourself get swept away in the unceasing chaos that is Captain America: Civil War you might have missed the many Easter eggs peppered through the film. Some are more obvious than others — we expected the Stan Lee cameo, and caught a brief glimpse of Black Panther's home nation Wakanda in the mid-credits scene — but there was also a very subtle nod to worlds beyond that of Marvel. Like Arrested Development.  

During Civil War's epic airport scene, in which all the heroes from Team Iron Man and Team Captain America come together for a climactic brawl, the Bluth family stair-car can be seen in the background aside one of the airport buildings. 

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Indeed, before they walked onto a Marvel set, Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo honed their film industry careers with the Bluths.

It wasn't the Russo brothers' first nod to their comedic past: In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, one of the minor characters was played by Danny Pudi, better known as Abed from Community, another comedy from the Russos' resume. ( In response, Community parodied The Winter Soldier's elevator fight scene in season six.)

While difficult to spot the Bluth stair-car, some adept fans had their spidey senses tingling, and shared their discovery with the Twitterverse. 

Call it an Easter mayonegg.